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Fire Stopping Sealants

Fire Stopping Sealants

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  1. 44242

    DAP Fireblock Foam

    DAP Fireblock Foam is an orange polyurethane foam sealant that is ideal for filling large gaps around vents, ducts, pipes, and wires in non-rated single family construction. Learn More
  2. FireCaulk-136, 10.3 Oz Cartridge

    Fire Caulk-136, 10.3 Oz Cartridge

    Fire Caulk-136 is an economical noncombustible material used to fill the annular space around wires, pipes, ducts, and other mechanical penetrating items in steel and wood-framed single family residental construction. Fire Caulk is tested to ASTM-E136 standard for non-combustibility and fulfills fireblocking requirements by resuming the integrity of non-rated penetrations through top plates and ceiling and floor openings. ***Compare to 3M FB-136*** Learn More

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  3. FS814

    Flame Tech Firestop-814+ Fire stopping Sealant 10.3oz Tube

    Firestop-814+ Elastomeric Intumescent Firestop Sealant offers comprehensive UL Testing for a wide range of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and head-of-wall applications for “Through Penetrations” found in 1 & 2 hour fire rated wood, gypsum and concrete floor & wall assemblies Firestop-814+ is a highly flexible, general purpose firestopping sealant that conforms to ASTM E-814 (UL 1479) standards for multi-family and commercial firestopping applications. Learn More

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  4. Flame Guard 814

    Flame Tech Flame Guard-814 Firestopping Sealant 10.3 oz Tube

    Flame Guard-814 is an economical non-combustible, non-intumescent commercial firestopping sealant designed for use in 1 & 2 hour fire-rated concrete floor and wall assemblies. Flame Guard-814 is tested to ASTM-E814/UL1479 for use around metallic pipe and conduit, a variety of non-metallic cables, and open voids. Learn More
  5. FireSeal 136

    Flame Tech Flame Seal-136 Firestopping Caulk 10.3 z Tube

    Fire Seal is tested to meet and exceed ASTM-E136 and ASTM-E814 standards for fireblocking/firestopping single-family residential construction. Fire Seal possesses superior adhesion and freeze-thaw characteristics and is the contractors #1 choice for fireblocking non-rated wood- frame construction. Fire Seal will not shrink, crack, or crumble upon cure. Fire Seal creates an air-tight barrier to prevent the passage of flames, smoke, and toxic gases from spreading area to area within concealed spaces. Learn More
  6. 5952

    Tytan Fire Block Foam 12oz

    Tytan Fire Block is a ready – to- use polyurethane expanding foam formulated for filling, insulating and sealing gaps, cracks and openings in the interior and exterior of buildings.Tytan Fire Block Foam Sealant has been tested according to ASTM E814 (modified), NFPA 268 and meets the requirements for fireblocking penetrations around wires, pipes, ducts and other penetrating items in single family residential construction.Tytan Fire Block Foam Sealant is an ICC Evaluation Service approved fireblocking material per ICC-ES Report 3302. This multi – purpose formula creates a durable, airtight and waterproof seal that stops air infiltration, provides high insulation value and saves time and energy. It has excellent adhesion to most building surfaces including wood, glass, metal, masonry and plastic. It is environmentally friendly with no CFC’s or CFC’s or HCFC’s, and it is UL Classified. Learn More

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