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Super CPT Cable Stripping Tool for Flexible Feeder Cable (Flex 500)

Super CPT Cable Stripping Tool for Flexible Feeder Cable (Flex 500)

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Super CPT Cable Stripping Tool for Flexible Feeder Cable (Flex 500)

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The Super CPT tool is a coax cable stripper specifically designed to remove the cable jacket, cut the braid and dielectric, and expose the center conductor on large and small diameter braided cables, all in one smooth operation. This coax cable stripper facilitates working on multiple cable types because it holds two cartridges, eliminating the need for multiple cable strippers. The Super CPT prepares Flexible Feeder drop cable 1/4" braid exposure. Features: Connector insertion sockets provides all the leverage needed to push the connector onto the cable, eliminating the need for a separate insertion tool Wide jaws easily accommodate the bulk of large-diameter cables Made of durable plastic, the lightweight SCPT tool offers consistent, precision performance even under harsh conditions Slots for holding two different sized cartridges make it convenient to use the SCPT tool when working on multiple cable types Body is comfortable to hold and easy to operate with either hand Jacket, braid, and dielectric are cut with one simple motion, cables can be prepared quickly and easily Pre-calibrated dimensions for different applications help to ensure that jackets are stripped and braid and dielectric are cut back properly Quick-release mechanism makes changing a cartridge in either slot a quick, easy, and safe operation Made of the highest quality steel, SCPT blades ensure optimum performance over a long life Cartridges can prepare 2,500 - 5,000 cables, depending on braid coverage The patented cleanout feature of the Super CPT tool automatically removes excess jacket, braid, and dielectric from the tool after stripping Specifications: Braid Exposure (inches/mm): 0.250 / 6.4 Center Conductor Exposure (inches/mm): Adjustable Cartridge Color: Yellow Weight: .02 lbs CIFA: 23563 / Time Warner PeopleSoft: 1044066

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