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CablePrep | COBRA 360 Dual Compression Tool - RG-6/59/7/11 & RCA

CablePrep | COBRA 360 Dual Compression Tool - RG-6/59/7/11 & RCA

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CablePrep | COBRA 360 Dual Compression Tool - RG-6/59/7/11 & RCA

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Cable Preps Cobra 360 compression tool is designed for installing compression connectors to the end of coaxial cable. Cobra 360 features a performance-driven design that delivers easy, powerful leverage and ensures consistent, precise connections every time. Ergonomic and Compact Design: With a convenient pocket- sized design, The Cobra 360 compression tool can be operated easily and comfortably with either hand thanks to a newly modeled tool body made from high-strength materials that are surprisingly lightweight. Universal Plunger Tips: The plunger tips on the Cobra 360 compression tool is truly universal. The tool supports all connector types within a class, with no need to recalibrate the plunger throw or change the tip. The compression throw distance is set at the factory, and a hex lock nut keeps the tool calibrated over long periods of use. Field recalibration, if necessary, is quick and easy. Slotted Plunger Tip for RCA Connectors: The Cobra plunger tip is slotted to accommodate RCA-type connectors, facilitating easy connector insertion. 360-Degree Connector Support: Patented dogs provide 360- degree connector support, thereby ensuring uniform compression and preventing connector distortion caused by misalignment. Versatile, Dual Connector Support System: Two sets of dogs are built into the Cobra. The support for RG-6 and -59 connectors simply swings out of the way when making RG-7 and -11 connections. Efficient Self-releasing Dogs: Cables can be easily inserted and removed from the dogs with one hand, making the Cobra tool convenient and easy to use while avoiding damage to cables. Easy-Release Handle: A magnetic tip holds the handle closed when not in use, protecting the tool and making it so compact it can be stored in a pocket - or an eyeglasses case. Made in the USA: Every single part of the Cobra 360 is designed and manufactured in the USA using environmentally - friendly materials to the fullest extent.

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